How to find time to write

Don’t think you have time to write? Well, I’ve got some news for you. Click on this link to find out my secret:  How to find time to write when you have 11 children



Yes, you read my blog caption correctly. I am truly a M.O.M. (Mother of Many)!!!!

I have 11 children . . . and yes I gave birth to them all. So, I had my audience before I started writing for them.

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I’ve loved writing ever since elementary school, and winning my first poetry contest in the 2nd or 3rd grade, validated my writing skills (in my own mind). I grew up as an only child, so writing became an activity that transported me into a different world with as many characters (and playmates) as I desired. From a very young child, I always wrote on subjects that were dear to me. And I still do. I write from my heart and I hope my readers can FEEL that.

I have a little experience on both sides of the publishing world (Self-publishing & Traditional publishing) So, I hope to share some tips on how I’ve done both.

Bear with me, I’m just starting this blogging business, but I hope it will serve as an inspiration to all writers, and all moms (whether you have 1 child or 20 children!)

Unleash your dreams . . . and let them fly!